Self Check-in kiosk

We have prepared another gadget for your convenience - a self-service reception.
It is available to you   This ensures that your check-in is quick and without long queues.

Three self-check-in kiosks can be found in the lobby at the entrance to the hotel. 

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How does it work?

Follow the on-screen instructions to easily and intuitively check-in or check-out without having to visit the hotel reception. 

How do I check-in?

  • You log in with your name and your reservation number
  • Scan your ID
  • You will receive a hotel room card
  • And you can go for it


How about check-out?

  • You log in with your reservation number
  • Scan your ID
  • Return hotel cards
  • And you can set off on your next adventure



Have you lost your key?

It's okay...

Enter your booking number and scan your ID. The new key is in the world! And without waiting at the reception... 




Want to try the self-service reception?  Book your stay with us and live in American style. 

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