Regeln für das Beschwerdeverfahren


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Category:  Hotel, all year round operations


Article 1




  1. Every guest has the right to have products and services in good quality according to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act
  2. If the guest finds that the product (meals, drinks) is given with some defect, the guest has a right to complain this defect.
  3. The guest has the right to claim defects in foods and beverages for immediate consumption immediately at serving staff or responsible representative of hotel.
  4. Claims because of the quality and temperature of food and beverage guest can apply after tasting.
  5. Claims because of the quantity, weights and measures guest applies before eating.
  6. Defects in accommodation guest can apply at staff in reception or responsible representative of hotel.


Article 2




  1. hotel staff, required by guest for recognition of claims for damages in accordance with article 1, is obliged review the complaint and decide on the manner of its execution
  2. If it is not possible to settle the claim immediately on the spot or hotel staff considers the claim as unjustified, hotel staff is obliged to write down a record of the complaint with the guest.

This record must contain:

  • name and surname of guest
  • name and surname of hotel staff
  • precise indication of the claimed services and time when the service was provided
  • what the guest considers as defect
  • what the guest requests
  • signatures of both parties and the record date
  1. Record of the complaint is forwarded to the General Manager or to responsible representative of the hotel who decides about complaint immediately or in more complex cases till 3 days. Settling the claim shall not exceed the period of 30 days. After this period the guest has the same rights as if it were a defect that cannot be removed.
  2. Responsible person, who in accordance to the article 1, 2, 3 decides about the complaint, is required to give a proof of guest complaints and the manner of execution. And even if the complaint is not acted on the spot immediately and fully.
  3. In the section of catering services the guest can required free, proper and timely removal of defects if the correct quality, weight, level, temperature or price is not observed. Complaints because of the quality and temperature of food and beverage guest can apply after tasting. Complaints because of the quantity, weights and measures guest applies before eating.
  4. In the section of accommodation service the guest has a right to request the removal of defects related to function and facilities in the room. If the defect is not removed, replacement will be paid, for example price reduction.

Article 3


Assistance in handling of guest complaints


  1. The guest is obliged to provide responsible staff an assistance which is necessary for handling complaints in particular by bringing accurate information, submit the necessary documents, etc.
  2. If it is required must accommodated guest give to responsible staff the obligation to provide access to the room which he has been granted for housing to be able to convince them of the correctness of the claim.
  3. In case that complaint relates to the guest who is a member of an organized group, cooperation in dealing with complaints must also be given by the leader of the group.

Article 4


The complaint


Catering Services

If there is a proven and recognized fault of food or meals by the hotel, guest has the right to pursue an exchange or refund payments. Faults of food and dishes are considered as unrecoverable faults.


Other products

claims for outstanding and the hotel recognized flaws in other products is governed by the provisions of the Civil Code or the Commercial Code concerning liability for defects of sold items. Depending on whether the defect is corrected, or whether there was a substantial or unsubstantial breach of contract, the person or the consumer has the rights:

  • to free, timely and correct deficiencies or
  • the exchange of goods or
  • a reasonable discount on the price or
  • to withdraw from the contract

  • Accommodation and other services

In the case, that the accommodation services or other services rendered by the hotel guests, have a proven and recognized hotel defects guest has the right to pursue claims under relevant provisions of the Civil Code, respectively. Commercial Code, the responsibility for product defects, or if there was also a substantial or unsubstantial breach of contract or unsubstantial provided by the right person:

  • The free repair of the defect without undue delay
  • At a reasonable discount from the price of services by a decision of the hotel staff
  • The cancellation


Article 5


Compensation necessary expenses


The guest has the right to reimbursement of necessary expenses, incurred in connection with the exercise of the rights of liability for defects


The Complaints Procedure Rules shall take effect on  October 1st 2019.


Approved by:

Ing. Jan Kratina

CEO of CPI Hotels, a.s. 

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